Beeper 宣佈新的手機號碼註冊方式,另外後續應該不會再更新了

Beeper 連續兩篇更新:「iMessage and Phone Registration Are Back - Kinda」、「Beeper - Moving Forward」。

第一篇提到新的手機號碼註冊方式,需要用舊的 iPhone 手機 jailbreak (iPhone 6iPhone X):

📱 Have an old iPhone (6/6s/SE1/7/8/X) and a Mac or Linux computer (Raspberry Pi works) - you’re in luck! Follow our instructions (takes only 10-15 minutes) to jailbreak your iPhone, install a Beeper tool to generate iMessage registration code, then update to the latest Beeper Mini app and enter your code. Phone number registration will now work! Leave the iPhone plugged into power, at home, connected to wifi.

從「How To - Register Phone Number With iMessage」可以看到是用 jailbreak 的方式取得對應的 token (code) 再丟進 Beeper Mini:


As much as we want to fight for what we believe is a fantastic product that really should exist, the truth is that we can’t win a cat-and-mouse game with the largest company on earth.

然後後續會把力氣放到新的 IM 開發:

In the new year, we’re shifting focus back to our long-term goal of building the best chat app on earth.


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