Netflix 放出了 2023 上半年一萬八千部的播放統計資料

在「What We Watched: A Netflix engagement report (」這邊看到的,Netflix 的文章在「What We Watched: A Netflix Engagement Report」這邊,標題提到的 Excel 報告在 What_We_Watched_A_Netflix_Engagement_Report_2023Jan-Jun.xlsx 這邊。

Hacker News 上的留言 id=38621625 有提到這是 Writers Guild of America 的聯合罷工 (參考英文維基百科的「2023 Writers Guild of America strike」或是中文維基百科「2023年美國編劇協會大罷工」) 所協商出來的成果:

This is an outcome of the WGA strike negotiations. Now writers (and actors, and anyone else) can use this information to better negotiate their worth with studios, rather than it being 1-sided. All other streaming services should be following suit soon.

在「What We Won」這邊可以看到關於 transparency 的部分:

Streaming data transparency: Companies agree to provide the Guild, subject to a confidentiality agreement, the total number of hours streamed, both domestically and internationally, of self-produced high budget streaming programs (e.g., a Netflix original series). Aggregated information can be shared.

打開 Excel 檔可以看到 Netflix 就放出最低限度的資料,但就如同 comment 提到的,這份資料以及足以讓很多人有機會反過來談更好的合約。

另外一方面,也可以預期這份公開資料交叉其他的 metadata 可以分析出一些有趣的東西?

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