Twitch 宣佈退出韓國市場

Twitch 宣佈 2024/02/27 (星期二) 退出韓國市場:「An Update on Twitch in Korea」。日期不知道是怎麼選的,可能跟某些合約有關?

Twitch 目前的公告會有繁體中文,也可以看這份:「Twitch 韓國現況更新」。

另外今天早上找了一下,Hacker News 也有討論了:「An update on Twitch in Korea (」。


Ultimately, the cost to operate Twitch in Korea is prohibitively expensive and we have spent significant effort working to reduce these costs so that we could find a way for the Twitch business to remain in Korea.

這邊提到的包括了 p2p model 以及降到 720p,但即使如此網路費用 (應該就是頻寬費用) 是其他區域的十倍以上:

First, we experimented with a peer-to-peer model for source quality. Then, we adjusted source quality to a maximum of 720p. While we have lowered costs from these efforts, our network fees in Korea are still 10 times more expensive than in most other countries. Twitch has been operating in Korea at a significant loss, and unfortunately there is no pathway forward for our business to run more sustainably in that country.

Cloudflare 這邊,2016 年還叫做 CloudFlare 的時候也有抱怨過:「CloudFlare 對 HiNet 成本的抱怨 (還有其他 ISP...)」。

當年是這樣寫 HiNetKT,成本大約是歐美區的 15 倍:

Two Asian locations stand out as being especially expensive: Seoul and Taipei. In these markets, with powerful incumbents (Korea Telecom and HiNet), transit costs 15x as much as in Europe or North America, or 150 units.


South Korea is perhaps the only country in the world where bandwidth costs are going up. This may be driven by new regulations from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, which mandate the commercial terms of domestic interconnection, based on predetermined “Tiers” of participating networks. This is contrary to the model in most parts of the world, where networks self-regulate, and often peer without settlement. The government even prescribes the rate at which prices should decrease per year (-7.5%), which is significantly slower than the annual drop in unit bandwidth costs elsewhere in the world. We are only able to peer 2% of our traffic in South Korea.

不過不確定現在的情況,2016 年的 CloudFlare 跟 2023 年的 Cloudflare 已經差了七年了...

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  1. 韓國沒有中立性原則,所以還有 ISP 對內容服務收流量費的問題,之前告 Netflix 的案子才剛和解

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