Android 上與 Apple 生態系 iMessage 互通的 app

Hacker News 上兩篇相關的可以一起看,首先是 Beeper Mini,一套在 Android 上直接與 Apple 生態系 iMessage 相通的 app,而且不需要另外的 Apple 設備當作 Proxy:「Show HN: Beeper Mini – iMessage Client for Android (」。

另外先提一下,這是一套付費軟體 ($1.99/mo),考慮到這算是 reverse engineering 後的產品,不確定 Apple 會不會反制,要付錢使用的人心裡先有個底:

We currently offer a 7 day free trial, afterwards there is a $1.99 per month subscription.

另外一篇相關的是「iMessage, explained (」,原文是今年八月的文章,應該就是 Beeper Mini 那篇而被貼出來的關係,在「iMessage, explained」這裡。

裡面解釋了他自己實作 pypush 時怎麼處理 iMessage 的部分:

This blog post is going to be a cursory overview of the internals iMessage, as I’ve discovered during my work on pypush, an open source project that reimplements iMessage.

專案裡面有提到 Apple 在這邊有段 obfuscated code,由於只有註冊階段需要用到,他選擇直接跑環境起來執行,產生出對應的 data 後就不用再跑,也就省掉 reverse engineering 這塊功夫:

pypush currently uses the Unicorn CPU emulator and a custom MachO loader to load a framework from an old version of macOS, in order to call some obfuscated functions.

This is only necessary during initial registration, so theoretically you can register on one device, and then copy the config.json to another device that doesn't support the Unicorn emulator. Or you could switch out the emulator for another x86 emulator if you really wanted to.

另外一個先前的消息是 Apple 說要支援 RCS:「Apple announces that RCS support is coming to iPhone next year」,目前大家的猜測是跟歐盟一直在要求 Apple 開放 iMessage 有關。

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  1. 前幾天在「Android 上與 Apple 生態系 iMessage 互通的 app」這篇提到的 Beeper Mini 被蘋果幹掉了:「Apple cuts off Beeper Mini’s access after launch of service that brought iMessage to Android」。 目前的…

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