Django 5.0

Django 5.0 的消息出來了:「Django 5.0 released」,比較完整的 release notes 則是在這邊:「Django 5.0 release notes」。

對應的 Django 4.2 因為是 LTS,會支援到 2026/04:

With the release of Django 5.0, Django 4.2 has reached the end of mainstream support. The final minor bug fix release, 4.2.8, was issued today. Django 4.2 is an LTS release and will receive security and data loss fixes until April 2026. All users are encouraged to upgrade before then to continue receiving fixes for security issues.

Django 5.0 比較大的 incompatibility 會是 Python 版本的要求:

Django 5.0 supports Python 3.10, 3.11, and 3.12. We highly recommend and only officially support the latest release of each series.

The Django 4.2.x series is the last to support Python 3.8 and 3.9.

關於 Python 版本的部分,交叉參考「Status of Python versions」這邊的說明,可以看到目前還在提供安全性更新 (狀態是 security) 的 3.8 (到 2024/10) 與 3.9 (到 2025/10) 在 Django 5.0 被放掉了...

現在 Django 的大版號更新比較像是常態性把有破壞相容性的更新整理起來出新版,倒不是動到什麼大結構...

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