zlib、gzip 與 zip 的關係 (Mark Adler 的回覆)

Hacker News 上看到「How are zlib, gzip and zip related? (stackoverflow.com)」這個討論,原文是 StackOverflow 上 2013 年時的問題與回答:「How are zlib, gzip and zip related? What do they have in common and how are they different?」。

short form 算是解釋了這三個的關係,另外多帶出了其他相關的格式以及演算法:

.zip is an archive format using, usually, the Deflate compression method. The .gz gzip format is for single files, also using the Deflate compression method. Often gzip is used in combination with tar to make a compressed archive format, .tar.gz. The zlib library provides Deflate compression and decompression code for use by zip, gzip, png (which uses the zlib wrapper on deflate data), and many other applications.

而 long form 則是描述了整段歷史,完整到下面的 comment 有人提到希望能夠提供一些引用的連結,當作 reference:

This post is packed with so much history and information that I feel like some citations need be added incase people try to reference this post as an information source. Though if this information is reflected somewhere with citations like Wikipedia, a link to such similar cited work would be appreciated.

回答的作者 Mark Adler 也在 comment 上很霸氣的回:

I am the reference, having been part of all of that. This post could be cited in Wikipedia as an original source.


老人家交代了當年的一些脈絡 (像是專利問題),會更容易理解為什麼現在發展成這樣...

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