FreeBSD 14.0 對比於 13.2 有顯著的效能提升

Hacker News 上看到「FreeBSD 14.0 Delivering Great Performance Uplift (」這篇,原文在「FreeBSD 14.0 Is Delivering Great Performance Uplift & Running Well In Early Tests」這邊。

測試平台是 AMD EPYC™ 8534P (64 cores & 128 threads),是個今年九月才推出的 CPU,另外底層 filesystem 是跑 ZFS

翻了一輪測試的資訊,幾乎是所有的項目都有提升 (少數幾樣有些微退步),但以 Phoronix 的測試計算,整體計算起來有 18% 的提升,對於 OS 升級帶來的提升算是蠻巨大的:

Across the span of five dozen benchmarks carried out on this AMD EPYC 8534P server of FreeBSD 13.2 vs. FreeBSD 14.0, the newly-released FreeBSD 14 was on average 18% faster than its predecessor. Not bad for a simple OS upgrade. I've been seeing very healthy gains on other x86_64 servers tested so far while due to hardware availability haven't yet tried any AArch64 servers.

依照他的說明,後續會有跟其他 Linux distribution 的比較,到時候可以回來再看看:

I'll be running more FreeBSD 14.0 server benchmarks shortly along with following that up by looking at the FreeBSD 14.0 performance against the latest leading Linux distributions. In any event I'm quite happy thus far with the performance and experience in my FreeBSD 14.0 testing.

回頭看報告裡面比較特別的部分,一個是 OpenSSL 的部分有下滑一些,這點應該跟版本更新有關,在 FreeBSD 14.0 的 Release Notes 裡面有提到大版本升級:

OpenSSL has been upgraded to version 3.0.12. This is a major upgrade from version 1.1.1, which has reached its end of life. Many components of the base system use a backward-compatible API, but will be migrated later. aa7957345732 930cec16d9ee b077aed33b7b (Sponsored by The FreeBSD Foundation)

另外一點是在 Page 4 裡面,可以看到 PostgreSQL 16 的效能提升非常明顯,無論是 TPS 還是 latency 都有非常巨大的改善。

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