Broadcom 買下 VMware

看到「Broadcom announces successful acquisition of VMware」這則公告,想要找 VMware 發的新聞稿但沒找到,反倒是 Broadcom 這邊還有一篇「Broadcom Completes Acquisition of VMware」。

不知道要說什麼... 有種當年 Intel 買下 McAfee 的感覺?到底會有什麼想法?

Hacker News 上的討論蠻有趣的:「VMware is now part of Broadcom (」。

[...] Broadcom will get blood from the stone, rest assured. They will continue to raise maintenance and licensing fees until they very last customer turns off their last ESXi box. If you think IBM and mainframe is bad, you've never lived with a technology that Broadcom has acquired.

One thought on “Broadcom 買下 VMware”

  1. Hacker News 上看到「Broadcom lays off many VMware employees after closing acquisition (」這篇,前幾天 Broadcom 買下 VMware 的消息才公告出來 (參考「Broadcom 買下 VMware」),馬上就有裁員的消息了... 原始報導在「Broadcom lays off many VMware employees…

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