Amazon EBS 在 Compliance mode 下的 Snapshot Lock

Jeff Barr 寫了「New – Amazon EBS Snapshot Lock」這篇,介紹 Amazon EBS 的新功能 Snapshot Lock。

從名字就知道是鎖住 snapshot 不讓人刪除,比較特別的是有兩個模式,第一個是 Governance,這個模式下就只是防止誤刪除的情況:

This mode protects snapshots from deletions by all users. However, with the proper IAM permissions, the lock duration can be extended or shortened, the lock can be deleted, and the mode can be changed from Governance mode to Compliance mode.

比較重要的是第二個模式 Compliance,在超過猶豫期 (cooling-off period) 後就不能動了,就算你有最大的權限 (我猜是連 root account 也不能動),唯一能操作的只有延長 lock 時間:

This mode protects snapshots from actions by the root user and all IAM users. After a cooling-off period of up to 72 hours, neither the snapshot nor the lock can be deleted until the lock duration expires, and the mode cannot be changed. With the proper IAM permissions the lock duration can be extended, but it cannot be shortened.


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