Automattic 重整 Tumblr 團隊的內部消息

waxpancake這邊看到的,是一個從內部洩漏的 screenshot,後來 Automattic 的 CEO,Matt Mullenweg,在 Tumblr 上面把完整的內容都放出來,並且加上他的一些說明 (包括了一些內部的 team name 以及他的想法):「Translation of Internalspeak to Externalspeak」。

官方的說法主要就是不賺錢,所以除了客服團隊 (下面提到的 Happiness) 與 Trust & Safety 團隊 (下面提到的 T&S) 外,其他的成員將會被轉移到內部其他的計畫上:

This plan is happening now: the majority of the 139 people in Bumblr will switch to other divisions. No plans for any switches in Happiness or T&S.

"Happiness" is our term for customer support, and "T&S" means trust and safety, which is the team that works on fighting bots, spam, dealing with illegal stuff, etc.


The switchovers will happen on December 31, so we start 2024 completely fresh.

另外在 The Verge 上面的「What is going on with Tumblr?」有另外的說法,不是所有人都有換團隊的權利,很多就直接 layoff 了:

"The majority of the 139 people in Bumblr will switch to other divisions"

This is not what is happening. Many people have been let go (under the guise of performance) and in the past week the pace picked up from individuals to entire teams. Automattic seems adamant these are not layoffs, but people dissapear instantly without being offered alternative teams.

先回到 Tumblr 的情況來看,之後應該就是維護模式了。

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