AWS 宣布 EKS 支援期從 14 個月變成 26 個月

有訂 RSS feed 但應該是漏看了,後來在 X (Twitter) 上看到 qrtt1 轉貼 ingramchen 的貼文才注意到的,AWS 宣布 EKS 支援期從本來的 14 個月 (跟 k8s 官方相同) 變成 26 個月 (多了一年):

公告在「Amazon EKS Extended support for Kubernetes Versions now available in preview」以及「Amazon EKS extended support for Kubernetes versions available in preview」這邊。

這邊查了資料發現有點複雜,KEP-2572: Defining the Kubernetes Release Cadence 這邊有正式的說明,但「Kubernetes |」這邊比較清楚 14 個月是怎麼來的:

Kubernetes follows an N-2 support policy (meaning that the 3 most recent minor versions receive security and bug fixes) along with a 15-week release cycle. This results in a release being supported for 14 months (12 months of support and 2 months of upgrade period).

雖然是付費功能,但目前這個功能是 preview,代表不受到 SLA 之類的保障,應該是之後成熟了再看情況變成 GA:

Today, we’re announcing the preview of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) extended support for Kubernetes versions. You can now run Amazon EKS clusters on a Kubernetes version for up to 26 months from the time the version is generally available on Amazon EKS. Extended Support is available as a free preview for all Amazon EKS customers, starting today with Kubernetes version 1.23.


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