AWS 要在歐洲建立一個完全獨立的 Cloud 系統

CNBC 上看到的新聞,AWS 打算在歐洲建立一個完全獨立的 Cloud 系統:「Amazon launches European ‘sovereign’ cloud as EU data debate rages」。

AWS European Sovereign Cloud 會是完全獨立的 cloud:

Amazon on Wednesday said it will launch an independent cloud for Europe aimed at companies in highly-regulated industries and the public sector.


Customers of the new system will be able to keep certain data in the European Union and only EU-resident AWS employees who are located in the 27-nation bloc will have control of the operations and support for the sovereign cloud.

這個作法倒是頗特別的,看起來是想要試著說服歐盟這樣是 OK 的?推出的時候可以看看還有什麼特別的東西?

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