WordPress.com 支援 ActivityPub

Hacker News 上看到「WordPress.com Now Supports ActivityPub (wordpress.com)」這則,在講 WordPress.com 宣佈支援 ActivityPub:「Engage a Wider Audience With ActivityPub on WordPress.com」。

Hacker News 上的 id=37849725 這篇的說明其實更清楚,其實是 plugin 被 Automattic 買走後包裝起來的行動:

It is more accurate to say that the ActivityPub plugin[1] which was acquired by Automattic has hit 1.0 and is available to be used on WordPress.com. Yes, Mastodon implements (most of) ActivityPub but it's hardly the only platform on the web that does.

[1] https://wordpress.org/plugins/activitypub/advanced/

Anyway 這是個不錯的發展... 之後 Mastodon 上可以直接訂這些 blog 了?

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