Cloudflare Workers 推出新的計費模式:以 CPU time 收費

CloudflareWorkers 這個產品 (serverless 產品線) 推出了以 CPU time 收費的模式:「New Workers pricing — never pay to wait on I/O again」。

在這之前大家都是以 wall time 在計費,但這對於會卡在 I/O 很久的應用來說很不利,這次 Cloudflare 提出方案改用 CPU time 來計費,的確有吸引到我的目光...



就這兩張比較起來有個不是很確定的部分,現在不看 memory 用量收費了?Pricing 這頁裡面的資量已經把 「Standard」更新上去了,但好像還是沒提到 memory?

不過不是馬上生效,而是這個月的月底 2023/10/31 可以選擇切到新的方案:

Starting October 31, 2023, you will have the option to opt in individual Workers and Pages Functions projects on your account to new pricing, and newly created projects will default to new pricing. You’ll be able to estimate how much new pricing will cost in the Cloudflare dashboard. For the majority of current applications, new pricing is the same or less expensive than the previous Bundled and Unbound pricing plans.

另外明年 2024/03/01 會全部強制切到新的方案:

If you’re on our Workers Paid plan, you will have until March 1, 2024 to switch to the new pricing on your own, after which all of your projects will be automatically migrated to new pricing. If you’re an Enterprise customer, any contract renewals after March 1, 2024, will use the new pricing.

用 CPU time 的確是好不少,但不知道這個 billing 的方式沒有其他地雷...

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