Cisco 併購 Splunk

Hacker News 上看到的消息,CiscoSplunk:「Cisco Acquires Splunk (」,對應的新聞稿:「Splunk and Cisco Unite To Accelerate Digital Resilience as One of the Leading Global Software Companies」。

看不太出來為什麼 Cisco 要買 Splunk 這家公司,不知道戰略是什麼...

另外在 Hacker News 上的討論整片都有提到 Splunk 貴到哭爸的事情... 剛好前公司也有用,那個價錢的確是很哭爸,也因此有了後續 migrate 到 Prometheus 上的計畫,不過這也是過去式了...

That's staff, the building, equipment, power, water, everything...the estimated Splunk cost was more than that.

The joke used to be 'splunk is amazing until the first invoice comes in', it's funny because it's true. Note Datadog is very similar in that regard.

現在已經比起 Splunk 出來的年代,多了很多 open source 的方案可以選擇,Splunk 的吸引力低很多了。

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