Ruby 3.3 的速度再次提升

在「Ruby 3.3's YJIT Runs Shopify's Production Code 15% Faster」這篇提到了 Ruby 3.3 的速度再次提升的消息。

Shopify 上面的測試,3.3.0-preview2 的速度已經比 3.2.2 (兩者都有開啟 YJIT) 快了 13%,而且 p50/p90/p99 都有對應的改善:

不過有提到一些要注意的點,像是記憶體的用量又會再更高 (本來開 YJIT 的時候就已經有增加了),如果是對記憶體比較敏感的環境,會需要注意這點:

Since Ruby 3.3.0-preview2 YJIT generates more code than Ruby 3.2.2 YJIT, this can result in YJIT having a higher memory overlead. We put a lot of effort into making metadata more space-efficient, but it still uses more memory than Ruby 3.2.2 YJIT. We’re looking into skipping compilation of paths that are less frequently executed.

但 server 端應該是還好 (記憶體給多一點),整體是個可以期待的方向...

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