Linux Kernel 後續的 LTS 版本將縮短成兩年

在「Long-term support for Linux kernel to be cut as maintainence remains under strain」這邊看到 Linux Kernel 後續的 LTS 版本將縮短成兩年的消息:

Here's one major change coming down the road: Long-term support (LTS) for Linux kernels is being reduced from six to two years.


Why? Simple, Corbet explained: "There's really no point to maintaining it for that long because people are not using them." I agree. While I'm sure someone out there is still running 4.14 in a production Linux system, there can't be many of them.

而目前的 LTS kernel 還是會走完本來計畫的時間,4.14、4.19、5.4 以及 5.10 從表上看都是六年,5.15 是五年,最新的 LTS 6.1 則是四年。

降到兩年的話,代表各家 Linux distribution 在 LTS kernel 跑完生命週期後就得自己維護安全性更新了,或是直接升級到另外一個 kernel 版本 (後者的方法風險高一點,不確定系統的相容性)。

看起來 5.10 與 6.1 會跑很久了,都到 2026 年十二月...

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