GitLab 想要支援 ActivityPub

看到「Support ActivityPub for merge requests」這則消息,這個 epic 的作者 Derek Ferguson 可以看到是 GitLab 家的「Group Manager, Product」,看起來是產品團隊的主管職 (不是很確定)。

這張 epic 想建立跨 GitLab 服務之間的 ecosystem:

There already has been several very popular discussions around this (see here, here and the epic here). The gist of it is: what people really want is to have one global "Gitlab network" to be able to interact between various projects without having to register on each of their hosts.

不過目前像是在討論階段?但既然是由內部提出來的,目前的討論看起來也還算... 正面?應該是有機會看到後續的更新...

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