Amazon SES 寄到 Gmail 受到阻擋的情況

我自己沒遇過,但是 Hacker News 上看到有人有遇到,所以記錄起來:「Tell HN: Gmail rate limiting emails from AWS SES」。

Amazon SES 預設是共用 IP pool,所以遇到這種情況不算太意外,但應該是暫時性的,不過發問的作者有提到後來的解法是花 US$25/mo 使用 Dedicated IP 解決 IP reputation 的問題 (在 id=37177533 這邊):

Thanks you all for comments. I have made a decision to subscribed to dedicated IPs (credits: @slau).

The differentiating factor between our current AWS SES plan and the competitors (mentioned in the comments) is having a dedicated IP. With our current volume, none of the competitors are anyway near AWS SES costs. So, moving to a dedicated IPs thats cost 25$ extra not only solves our issue, but also no change in code/infrastructure.

記得以前另外一個教訓是,寄信還是儘量用 IPv4 address 去寄,因為 IPv6 address 的 reputation 得養頗久... 不過這個也是很久前的事情了。

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