Amazon S3 的新數字

Werner Vogels 寫了一篇在回憶 Amazon S3 的文章:「Building and operating a pretty big storage system called S3」,裡面有個是他這個層級比較容易取得公開權限的資料:

有標注「S3 by the numbers (as of publishing this post).」,所以是 2023 年七月現在的數字。

雖然很明顯的還是避開談總大小,但有提供目前的 S3 object 數量是 280 兆,以及 request 量是每秒 1 億次。

搭配之前公開過的數字 (出自維基百科上的「Amazon S3」條目),上次公佈是在 2021 年三月的時候宣布超過 100 兆,所以過了兩年的時間已經到 280 兆了:

Amazon Web Services introduced Amazon S3 in 2006. Amazon reported it stored more than 100 trillion objects as of March 2021, up from 10 billion objects in October 2007, 14 billion objects in January 2008, 29 billion objects in October 2008, 52 billion objects in March 2009, 64 billion objects in August 2009, 102 billion objects in March 2010, and 2 trillion objects in April 2013.

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