MySQL 改變發佈的方式,推出 LTS 版本

看到 Percona 寫的「LTS and Innovation Releases for Percona Server for MySQL」這篇,才注意到 Oracle 宣佈了 MySQLLTS 版本:「Introducing MySQL Innovation and Long-Term Support (LTS) versions」。

這次的改變產生了 Innovation 版本與 LTS 版本:

We're transitioning to the new MySQL versioning model with our upcoming versions. MySQL database version 8.1.0 will be our first Innovation release, and 8.0.34+ will transition to only bug fixes until 8.0 End-Of-Life (EOL) scheduled for April-2026. Approximately one year from now, MySQL version 8.x will eventually become LTS which will provide ample time for users to migrate from 8.0.x to the 8.x LTS version.

從這段的解釋看起來是在講從舊的發佈模式到新的發佈模式的轉換期特例,MySQL 8.0.34+ (應該是指 8.0 的後續這條,從 8.0.34 開始) 會支援到 2026 年四月,大約是再兩年半多;而 8.x (應該是指 >8.0 的這條?) 會在距今一年後 (大約是 2024 年年中?) 成為 LTS 版本。


In practice, in this transition period, if you want the latest features, improvements, and all bug fixes for your MySQL databases, use the Innovation release track (eg., 8.1.x, 8.2.x, 8.3.x, etc.). If you need only bug fixes for your MySQL database, use 8.0.x releases (eg., 8.0.35, 8.0.36, 8.0.37, etc.). In both cases, you should plan to update your MySQL databases quarterly accordingly to Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPU) calendar. When 8.x becomes LTS, you can plan, test, and migrate from the 8.0.x bug fix track to the LTS release track (ex., from 8.0.37 to 8.4.1).

看起來 8.0 是轉換期的特殊待遇,看起來有點像是 LTS 的 security update only?然後是官方給的這張圖,要注意這張圖下面有提到這張圖只是示意,實際發生的時間點可能會有改變,不過也可以看出來在 8.0 的地位比較特別:

Note that this is an example, there is no commitment that the version numbering will be exactly as presented.

而 LTS 的頻率會是兩年一版,支援 5+3 年,而 8.0 會走四年半:

About every 2 years, a minor version will be designated as Long Term Supported release. This version will have a 5 year premier and 3 year extended support, the same as the previously supported releases. This is similar to MySQL 5.7 and previous releases.

The LTS will also be the last version of the major release. The next (Innovation) release will increase it's major version. For example if MySQL 8.4.0 is the 8.x LTS release, then MySQL 9.0 will be the next Innovation release.

另外後面有提到他們會確保 LTS 在升級時會用到的方式,看了一下沒有太多意外,跟之前在 5.x 年代的感覺差不多。

倒是降級這件事情他們也提出方案,這點就蠻值得看一下了... 然後這邊可以看到 async replication 果然超萬用的。

基本上就是 release cycle 改變的公告,現在這個階段繼續黏在 8.0 上面應該就可以了,後續等第一個 LTS 的消息。

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