CloudFront 支援 3072 bit RSA 憑證

看到 CloudFront 支援 3072 bit RSA certificate 的消息:「Amazon CloudFront announces support for 3072-bit RSA certificates」。

2048 bit 在一般情況算是夠用,畢竟現在的紀錄也才到 829 bit (參考「RSA Factoring Challenge」):

1024-bit RSA keys are equivalent in strength to 80-bit symmetric keys, 2048-bit RSA keys to 112-bit symmetric keys, 3072-bit RSA keys to 128-bit symmetric keys, and 15360-bit RSA keys to 256-bit symmetric keys. In 2003, RSA Security claimed that 1024-bit keys were likely to become crackable some time between 2006 and 2010, while 2048-bit keys are sufficient until 2030. As of 2020 the largest RSA key publicly known to be cracked is RSA-250 with 829 bits.

但如果哪天突然又有新的演算法出來威脅到 2048 bit 的話,會多一點緩衝的空間?

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