Windows 3.1 下的 GPT client

前幾天在 Hacker News 上看到「Show HN: WinGPT – AI assistant for Windows 3.1 (」這篇,原始文章「WinGPT: AI Assistant for Windows 3.1」在介紹 Windows 3.1 下的 GPT client。

雖然反差很大 (一個 20 世紀的 GUI 環境配上最新科技),但從 Hacker News 的討論可以看到,最熱烈的是在 16-bit 環境下實作 TLS 1.3 連線,也就原文裡的這段,提到了他是原生支援 TLS 1.3:

WinGPT connects to the OpenAI API server natively with TLS 1.3, so it doesn't require a proxy on a modern machine to terminate TLS. To see how I did this and some of the challenges, take a look at Modern TLS on 16-bit Windows. (As you'll see on that page, this is not a secure implementation).

不過他不是從零開始解,而是基於 wolfSSL 的實作,因為 wolfSSL 有支援 16-bit compiler,就不需要從零開始:

WolfSSL stood out among the pack as it had explicit 16-bit compiler support while being fully-featured and well-supported.

這是讓人看到會「蛤?」的東西 XD

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