llama.cpp 有全 GPU 版本了

Hacker News 首頁上看到「Llama.cpp: Full CUDA GPU Acceleration (github.com/ggerganov)」,對應得原頁面在「CUDA full GPU acceleration, KV cache in VRAM #1827」這邊。

裡面是在講 llama.cpp 之前的 GPU 加速還是有不少事情是在 CPU 上面做,這次是把目前 ggml 支援的操作都實作 GPU 版本了:

This PR adds GPU acceleration for all remaining ggml tensors that didn't yet have it. Especially for long generations this makes a large difference because the KV cache is still CPU only on master and gets larger as the context fills up.

蠻多人有不同測試的結果,要注意這次不是把 CPU 搬到 GPU 上面做,而是把本來因為比較 light 而還沒搬上 GPU 的部分搬上去,所以不會是數量級的加速,但看起來改善也已經很不賴了:

Early attempt this morning we're getting ~2.5-2.8x perf increase on 4090s and about 1.8-2x on 3090Ti.

然後 Falcon... 目前看起來還沒有必較好的進展 XD

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