Kagi 繼續提供老用戶 $120/y 的方案?

收到 Kagi 的信,因為我是 unlimited searches 年繳用戶:

You are receiving this email because you have a Kagi legacy annual subscription with unlimited searches.

聽起來是這個方案會持續讓我們用舊價錢 renew?

This is to inform you that you will be able to keep this plan upon renewal. There is no action needed on your end, and your subscription will automatically renew as normal.

不過就他列出來的理由來說有點怪就是了,想要看看 unlimited search 在財務上是否可行?但成本不是算一算就知道了嗎...

We have recently changed the pricing plans [1], adding more searches to our plans. Ultimately in the future, we want to go be able to offer unlimited searches on our Professional plan to the broader public again, when economics allow.

Previously your subscription was set to renew into Early-adopter Professional plan [2]. By allowing a subset of our users (like you) to keep unlimited searches, we can get insights if this will be indeed economically viable. So we have decided to prolong the renewal of the unlimited annual legacy plan for customers who already have them.

[1] https://blog.kagi.com/plan-changes
[2] https://blog.kagi.com/update-kagi-search-pricing#existing

現在的 unlimited search plan 是 US$25/mo,年繳是 85 折,換算是 US$21.25/mo。


既然是 prolong,聽起來隨時有機會收回去?

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