EC2 Spot Instance 價錢的上漲趨勢

在「Farewell to the Era of Cheap EC2 Spot Instances」這邊討論了 Amazon EC2spot instance 最近有上漲的趨勢,像是這張應該是從 web console 拉出來 us-east-1t4g.nano 趨勢:

有不少 region 都有類似的情況,尤其是最常用的 us-east-1us-west-2

上個月 Plurk 的朋友也有聊到類似的情況,在 us-east-1 上愈來愈難找到便宜的 spot instance 機器了,當時還在想是不是有什麼大型活動,但文章出來後才發現大家都有遇到類似的情況。

另外在 Hacker News 上面也有討論:「Farewell to the Era of Cheap EC2 Spot Instances (」,裡面是有提到了一些工具可以再更彈性的調整,用更多邏輯改善成本,像是 AutoSpotting - Community Edition 這個專案用 lambda 幫你調整:

The entire logic described above is implemented in a set of Lambda functions deployed using CloudFormation or Terraform stacks that can be installed and configured in just a few minutes.

回頭來看一下目前的情況 (以及猜測 AWS 的策略),如果 spot instance 的常態價錢維持在牌價的六七成,等於是逼你規劃用 Savings Plans 之類的方案,然後讓 spot instance 慢慢退場。

話說回來,接下來不知道會不會有人去告 90% saving 的廣告宣傳...

One thought on “EC2 Spot Instance 價錢的上漲趨勢”

  1. Thanks for the shoutout on AutoSpotting!

    Indeed it can help improve this situation because it completely automates the Spot instance type selection, so even if some instance types are more expensive, many of them are still at steep discounts and AutoSpotting will select them if they have available capacity and overall for most instance types there's still plenty of available options at reasonable prices.

    But some of my users who have very little diversification potential (like using small T4g instance types) also reported this and were thinking to adopt RIs or savings plans, at least for some of their capacity.

    For such situations I actually recommend setting a cap on the Spot maximum price in AutoSpotting, say at 60% of the OnDemand price and anything that's more expensive than that could be covered by some savings plans and only use Spot where it brings enough savings.

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