Node.js 20

看到 Node.js 推出 20 了,官方的公告:「Node.js 20 is now available!」。

裡面提到的 Permission Model,設計上看起來有點雷?這種東西應該要有白名單機制才對,目前看起來是實做黑名單機制...

然後結尾有提到 14 是這個月收攤,16 則是因為 OpenSSL 1.1.1 EoL,打算切齊而提前到今年九月收 (參考 OpenSSL 官方前陣子發的「OpenSSL 1.1.1 End of Life」):

Also of note is that Node.js 14 will go End-of-Life in April 2023, so we advise you to start planning to upgrade to Node.js 18 (LTS) or Node.js 20 (soon to be LTS).

Please, consider that Node.js 16 (LTS) will go End-of-Life in September 2023, which was brought forward from April 2024 to coincide with the end of support of OpenSSL 1.1.1.

查了 18 會是 2025 年四月底,20 則會是 2026 年四月底...

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