MongoDB 的替代方案 FerretDB 推出 1.0 (GA) 版本

Hacker News 上看到 FerretDB 推出 1.0 (GA) 版本:「FerretDB: open-source MongoDB alternative (」,原文在「Announcing FerretDB 1.0 GA - a truly Open Source MongoDB alternative」這邊。

當初有寫過「MangoDB 改名為 FerretDB (雪貂)」這篇,但沒注意到他們成立公司來開發?在「Careers at FerretDB」這邊可以看到 hiring 的訊息。

官網有整理出目標,像是他們提到不是以 drop-in replacement 為目標,而是實做核心功能與常用的功能,涵蓋大多數的使用者:

Is FerretDB 100% compatible with MongoDB?

It is not necessary, nor it is feasible to implement every single MongoDB feature out there. Our aim is to cover the core feature set of MongoDB, and then continue adding features which could enhance the experience or increase application compatibility. Non-OSS alernatives of MongoDB are similar in this sense, eg. none of these products are able to provide the full feature set of MongoDB. We are aiming to please 85% of MongoDB users, not all of them.

但這樣也讓想換的人會有一些顧慮... 而且這邊的 85% 不知道是怎麼喊出來的?

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