FBI 建議用擋廣告軟體降低瀏覽時的風險

在「Even the FBI says you should use an ad blocker」這邊看到的新聞,FBI 的公告則是在「Cyber Criminals Impersonating Brands Using Search Engine Advertisement Services to Defraud Users」這邊可以看到。


Cyber criminals purchase advertisements that appear within internet search results using a domain that is similar to an actual business or service. When a user searches for that business or service, these advertisements appear at the very top of search results with minimum distinction between an advertisement and an actual search result. These advertisements link to a webpage that looks identical to the impersonated business’s official webpage.


In instances where a user is searching for a program to download, the fraudulent webpage has a link to download software that is actually malware. The download page looks legitimate and the download itself is named after the program the user intended to download.

這個方式讓我想到之前北韓政府對 PuTTY 的攻擊:「Trojanized versions of PuTTY utility being used to spread backdoor」。

而 FBI 建議個人的保護方式包括了 ad blocking extension,這算是減少被攻擊的管道:

Use an ad blocking extension when performing internet searches. Most internet browsers allow a user to add extensions, including extensions that block advertisements. These ad blockers can be turned on and off within a browser to permit advertisements on certain websites while blocking advertisements on others.

然後建議擋廣告軟體就是用 uBlock Origin,無論是 Chromium 系列的瀏覽器 (包括 Google Chrome),或是 Firefox 都有支援。

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