Amazon EC2 AMI 的 root volume 可以直接抽換了

這個功能等了十年以上總算是出現了,Amazon EC2 的 AMI 總算是能直接抽換 root volume,不用先停掉機器:「Amazon EC2 enables easier patching of guest operating system and applications with Replace Root Volume」。

Starting today, Amazon EC2 supports the replacement of instance root volume using an updated AMI without requiring customers to stop their instance. This allows customers to easily update their applications and guest operating system, while retaining the instance store data, networking and IAM configuration.

算是 pre-container 時代會遇到的問題,後來大家都把 workaround 變成 practice 了:每次需要時候都是直接整包重新打包 (像是 Packer 這類的工具),然後用工具更新 AMI id 改開新的機器,這樣就能夠避開需要先停掉現有機器的問題...

怎麼會突然想到要回來支援這個功能 XD

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