SQLite 官方自己下來搞 WASM/JS 計畫

先前在「把 SQLite 的 VFS 掛上 WebTorrent 的 PoC Demo」有提過 sql.js 這個專案,把 SQLite 移植到網頁上,這些都算是非官方的社群弄出來的專案。

現在官方直接跳下來玩,宣佈自己也要搞 WASM/JS 了:「sqlite3 wasm docs: About the sqlite3 WASM/JS Subproject」。

Folks have been building sqlite3 for the web since as far back as 2012 but this subproject is the first effort "officially" associated with the SQLite project, created with the goal of making WASM builds of the library first-class members of the family of supported SQLite deliverables.

但不太確定 D. Richard Hipp 的想法,官方支援 WASM/JS 的目的會是什麼?放給社群繼續發展有什麼問題嗎...

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