FreeBSD 的 Firecracker 支援

Colin PercivalFreeBSD 能夠支援 Firecrack:「Announcing the FreeBSD/Firecracker platform」,成為 LinuxOSv 以外的第三個支援的作業系統。對應的 patch 在「amd64: Add FIRECRACKER kernel configuration」這邊可以看到。

接下來是反過來,要送一些 patch 進去 Firecracker,讓他支援 FreeBSD:

Now that FreeBSD supported Firecracker, there was one more thing to do: Make Firecracker support FreeBSD.

看起來是基於之前在 2020 年的 patch (但當時沒被整進去) 再修改:

Alejandro Jimenez contributed patches two years ago, but they were never merged. Some of his code ended up in the linux-loader project (which Firecracker uses); but I spent a few weeks digging through his thousand lines of changes to figure out which went into linux-loader, which still applied cleanly to Firecracker, and which I had to rewrite from scratch — a task made more difficult by the fact that Firecracker is written in Rust, and I had never used Rust before! Nevertheless, I was eventually successful, and opened a PR with updated patches which I hope to see merged into mainline Firecracker in the upcoming weeks.

看起來兩邊都有 patch 要做才能支援,目前看起來 Firecracker 這邊沒動作了,大概是沒什麼動力...

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