JavaScript 上的 fuzzy search library

Hacker News Daily 上看到 Show HN (作者自己或是主要的 contributor 上來發表的作品) 給了一個號稱速度很快,吃資源很少的 fuzzy search library:「Show HN: uFuzzy.js – A tiny, efficient fuzzy search that doesn't suck (」。

這種已經發展許久,但突然有一天有人說他的東西超好超棒棒的,除非是有新的基礎演算法突破,不然馬上就會想到很經典的「Three circles model」,中間的那些區塊就懶的畫上去了:



Thank you for this!

I am also quite frustrated with the current state of full text search in the javascript world. All libs I've tried miss the most basic examples and their community seems to ignore it. Will give yours a try but it already looks much better from the comparison page.

Edit: Nope, your lib doesn't seem to handle substitution well (THE most common type of typo), so yep, we are back to square one ...

From fuzzy search I expected that entering "super meet boy" or "super maet boy" will return "Super Meat Boy" but unfortunately currently it doesn't work this way and it's quite disappointing.

看起來這個 library 沒有辦法解決 fuzzy search 最常見的 case (小 typo),依照範例描述的更像是 substring 搜尋加上一些額外的的功能,反而比較像是 auto completion library,或是講的比較廣一點,可以算是 auto suggestion library。

不過我覺得真正的重點 (對我來說的重點) 是下面的比較表格,因為列出了目前市場上的方案,這份清單之後可以拿來參考...

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