TCP 標準被整理到 RFC 9293

看到「RFC 9293: Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)」這篇,主要是把本來分散在各個 RFC 的文件 (從 RFC 793 開始) 全部整理成一份,另外把一些已知的勘誤表放進來:

This document specifies the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). TCP is an important transport-layer protocol in the Internet protocol stack, and it has continuously evolved over decades of use and growth of the Internet. Over this time, a number of changes have been made to TCP as it was specified in RFC 793, though these have only been documented in a piecemeal fashion. This document collects and brings those changes together with the protocol specification from RFC 793. This document obsoletes RFC 793, as well as RFCs 879, 2873, 6093, 6429, 6528, and 6691 that updated parts of RFC 793. It updates RFCs 1011 and 1122, and it should be considered as a replacement for the portions of those documents dealing with TCP requirements. It also updates RFC 5961 by adding a small clarification in reset handling while in the SYN-RECEIVED state. The TCP header control bits from RFC 793 have also been updated based on RFC 3168.

然後淘汰掉 (obselete) 一卡車 RFC 文件 XD

翻資料發現 2014 的時候 HTTP/1.1 被幹過一次類似的事情,不過是反過來被拆開:「HTTP/1.1 的更新」,這次把 RFC 2616 幹掉分成 RFC 7230RFC 7235

然後今年因為 HTTP 的關係又被幹了一次,這次 HTTP/1.1 又被整回來變成一份文件,但是把裡面的一些概念拆開:「HTTP 標準的翻新」。

其中 RFC 9110 定義 HTTP Semantics,RFC 9111 定義 HTTP Caching,然後 RFC 9112RFC 9113 拿來定義了 HTTP/1.1 與 HTTP/2,另外先把 HTTP/3 的號碼保留下來的 RFC 9114

不斷 refactor 以及加新功能的文件...

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