AWS Global Accelerator 支援 IPv6

AWSAnycast 服務 AWS Global Accelerator 宣佈支援 IPv6:「New for AWS Global Accelerator – Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Support」。

算是補功能,不過這個功能只對於「純 IPv6 環境」的使用者端有用 (沒有 DNS64 + NAT64 的轉換),目前商轉給一般使用者用的 IPv6 環境應該都還是有掛 DNS64 + NAT64 才對...

另外使用這個功能會需要 VPC 有 IPv6 能力:

To test this new feature, I need a dual-stack application with an ALB entry point. The application must be deployed in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and support IPv6 traffic.

然後 IPv4 會進到 IPv4 的服務裡,IPv6 則會進到 IPv6 的服務裡:

Protocol translation is not supported, neither IPv4 to IPv6 nor IPv6 to IPv4. For example, Global Accelerator will not allow me to configure a dual-stack accelerator with an IPv4-only ALB endpoint. Also, for IPv6 ALB endpoints, client IP preservation must be enabled.


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