Mozilla 把對各種規格的態度整理成一個網頁

查資料的時候看到「Mozilla Specification Positions」這個,可以看到 Mozilla 對各種規格的態度,分成幾個不同的類型。

有「under consideration」、「important」、「worth prototyping」這幾個從名字上就大概猜的出來意思,接下來的幾個比較有趣的是「non-harmful」、「defer」與「harmful」。


  • under consideration: Mozilla's position on this specification is being discussed.
  • important: This specification is conceptually good and is important to Mozilla.
  • worth prototyping: Mozilla sees this specification as conceptually good, and worth prototyping, getting feedback on its value, and iterating.
  • non-harmful: Mozilla does not see this specification as harmful, but is not convinced that it is a good approach or worth working on.
  • defer: Mozilla does not intend to look at this specification at all in the near future.
  • harmful: Mozilla considers this specification to be harmful in its current state.

所以之後看到一些標準時可以過來這邊看看 Mozilla 的態度...

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