Kagi 的搜尋引擎開放註冊,以及公佈付費方案

先前提過 Kagi 這個搜尋引擎 (「來測試 Kagi 這個搜尋引擎」與「用兩個禮拜 Kagi 的心得」),剛剛翻信箱時看到他們的信件,看起來現在任何人都可以註冊了:

If by any chance you do not have a Kagi account yet, you can make one at https://kagi.com/signup?invite_code=humaneweb (feel free to share with your friends)

另外有提到目前規劃的收費計畫是 US$10/mo:

Kagi will come as a free version with limited use; and an unlimited use, paid option at $10 a month, both versions having great search results with less spam and completely ad-free, tracking free, and with none of your search data being retained.

Kagi 已經是我目前預設的 search engine,而且品質其實相當滿意 (偶而會切到 DuckDuckGo 以及 Google 比較),之後就等付費機制上線...

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