Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL 可以掛 155 台 Read Replica

看到 AWS 推出的新「功能」,可以讓 Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL 的 read replica 掛到 155 台:「Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL supports cascaded read replicas for up to 30X more read capacity」。

作法是透過三層架構,每台機器可以堆五台 replica:

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for PostgreSQL announces support for PostgreSQL 14 with three levels of cascaded read replicas, 5 replicas per instance, supporting a maximum of up to 155 read replicas per source instance.

需要 PostgreSQL 14.1 或是之後的版本:

Starting with Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL 14.1 and higher, read intensive workloads such as data analytics can now benefit from up to 155 cascaded read replicas that offer up to 30 times higher read capacity versus previous versions of PostgreSQL, thereby reducing the load on source instance.

我記得 Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL 的 replica 是 EBS block-level replication,這種搞法還蠻有趣的 XDDD

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