SHA-1 在 2022 的破解速度已經降到 ~5.4 GPU years

前幾天在 Hacker News 上看到目前撞 SHA-1 collision 的難度:「How easy is it in 2022 to find a SHA1 collision? (」,原文在「How easy is it in 2022 to find a SHA1 collision?」。

在答案裡面有提到,即使在不考慮 ASIC 的情況下,光是用 GPU 算就可以可以降到 ~5.4 GPU years 了:

Remarkably, we can see that in only 5 years, we're down from an attack costing ~110 GPU years to an attack costing ~8 GPU-years in 2020 (thanks to theoretical improvements & newer GPUs) to just ~5.4 GPU years nowadays (thanks to newer, faster GPUs).

除了演算法本身的進步以外,GPU 的效能進展也帶動不少,而如果考慮到 ASIC 的話會快更多,對美國政府來說,如果搬出超級電腦來算的話,就是一天可以撞一個出來:

In a more realistic way, it would take less than a day to do it on a super-computer such as the one owned by the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) named "Summit".


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