Brendan Gregg 離開 Netflix

Brendan Gregg 宣佈離開 Netflix:「Netflix End of Series 1」,Hacker News 上他也有跳出來回答一些問題:「Netflix End of Series 1 (」。


Off topic: I’m a bit surprised about Gregg’s desk (pre-pandemic). I imagine he’s getting a top level salary at Netflix but yet he’s got a small desk in what it looks to me a shared small office (or perhaps is that a mini open space office? Can’t tell).



A number of times people have asked about my desk over the years, and I'm curious as to why! I've visited other tech companies in the bay area, and the desks I see (including for 7-figure salary engineers) are the same as everyone else, in open office layouts. At Netflix it's been open office desks, and all engineers have the same desk.

Does some companies give bigger desks for certain staff, or offices, or is it a country thing (Europe?).


I'll still be posting here in my next job. More on that soon...


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