AWS Lambda 可以直接有 HTTPS Endpoint 了

AWS 宣佈 AWS Lambda 可以直接有一個 HTTPS Endpoint 了:「Announcing AWS Lambda Function URLs: Built-in HTTPS Endpoints for Single-Function Microservices」。

如同文章裡面提到的,先前得透過 API Gateway 或是 ALB 才能掛上 Lambda:

Each function is mapped to API endpoints, methods, and resources using services such as Amazon API Gateway and Application Load Balancer.

現在則是提供像 這樣的網域名稱給你用,而且看說明似乎是直接包含在本來的 Lambda 價錢內?就不用另外搞 API Gateway 或是 ALB 了:

Function URLs are included in Lambda’s request and duration pricing. For example, let’s imagine that you deploy a single Lambda function with 128 MB of memory and an average invocation time of 50 ms. The function receives five million requests every month, so the cost will be $1.00 for the requests, and $0.53 for the duration. The grand total is $1.53 per month, in the US East (N. Virginia) Region.

這讓我想到可以用 Lambda 當特製的 HTTP proxy 的專案,好像可以拿來整到 feedgen 裡面用?

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