Amazon EFS 的效能提昇

AWS 宣佈他們將 Amazon EFS 的 latency 大幅降低以提昇效能:「Amazon Elastic File System Update – Sub-Millisecond Read Latency」。

Linux 上一般是用 NFS 掛 EFS,個位數的 ms 的確對於效能影響超大,現在宣稱讀取的部份降到 0.6ms,應該會有蠻明顯的感覺:

Up until today, EFS latency for read operations (both data and metadata) was typically in the low single-digit milliseconds. Effective today, new and existing EFS file systems now provide average latency as low as 600 microseconds for the majority of read operations on data and metadata.


This performance boost applies to One Zone and Standard General Purpose EFS file systems. New or old, you will still get the same availability, durability, scalability, and strong read-after-write consistency that you have come to expect from EFS, at no additional cost and with no configuration changes.

另外就是過去幾個禮拜他們把現有的 EFS 都轉移過去了:

We “flipped the switch” and enabled this performance boost for all existing EFS General Purpose mode file systems over the course of the last few weeks, so you may already have noticed the improvement. Of course, any new file systems that you create will also benefit.

不過 EFS 另外一個問題就是貴炸,用錢換方便...


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