Mutt 現有維護者的節能宣告

Hacker News 上看到「Mutt 2.2.0 (」這篇,Mutt 的維護者 (應該是 Kevin McCarthy) 將只會負責 fix 類的事情了:

This obviously isn't a feature, but I wanted to mention that I will be moving away from Mutt maintainership after this release. There isn't a transition plan, so I'll keep maintaining the 2.2.x series with bug fixes and security issues.

It's been my pleasure to keep the releases coming since version 1.5.24. Unfortunately the past year, my time and energy available has been decreasing. So my plan is to focus the time I do have on keeping Mutt stable, secure, and bug free; until someone else has the desire to head up (and support) new-feature releases. Thank you everyone!

有人在討論串裡提到了 NeoMutt,也許之後會找機會看看...

目前還是有一套 email system 是跑在 Postfix + Procmail + Bogofilter + Mutt 上面,短期內應該不會換...

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