AWS 增加 CloudFront 的 AWS-managed prefix list 讓管理者使用

看到 AWS 公告提供 CloudFront 的 origin subnet 資訊 (AWS-managed prefix list) 讓管理者可以用:「Amazon VPC now supports an AWS-managed prefix list for Amazon CloudFront」。

以往會自己去「AWS IP address ranges」這邊提供的 JSON 檔案定時撈出來再丟到 managed prefix list 裡面,這次的功能等於是 AWS 自己管理這個 prefix list 讓管理者使用。

馬上想的到的用途就是 HTTP/HTTPS port 了,只開放給 CloudFront 的伺服器存取:

Starting today, you can use the AWS managed prefix list for Amazon CloudFront to limit the inbound HTTP/HTTPS traffic to your origins from only the IP addresses that belong to CloudFront’s origin-facing servers. CloudFront keeps the managed prefix list up-to-date with the IP addresses of CloudFront’s origin-facing servers, so you no longer have to maintain a prefix list yourself.

要注意的是這不應該當作唯一的 ACL 手段,因為其他人也可以建立 CloudFront distribution 來穿透打進你的 origin server。

另外有個比較特別的地方,這個 prefix list 的權重很重,使用他會算 55 條 rule 的量,在 security group 內很容易撞到 60 條的限制,在 route table 裡面則是直接撞到 50 條的限制;不過這兩個限制都可以跟 AWS 申請調昇:

The Amazon CloudFront managed prefix list weight is unique in how it affects Amazon VPC quotas:

  • It counts as 55 rules in a security group. The default quota is 60 rules, leaving room for only 5 additional rules in a security group. You can request a quota increase for this quota.
  • It counts as 55 routes in a route table. The default quota is 50 routes, so you must request a quota increase before you can add the prefix list to a route table.

如果 HTTP 一條,HTTPS 也一條,那就會算 110 rules 了,有暴力的感覺...

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