Raspberry Pi 4 將可以透過有線網路安裝系統了

在「Raspberry Pi 4 to support Network install to a blank MicroSD card」這邊看到 Raspberry Pi 4 將可以透過有線網路安裝系統了:

The Raspberry Pi 4 will soon be able to install Raspberry Pi OS without the need for external hardware to flash the image.

先前都是透過其他機器先刷好 SD card 再放進去開機,之後可以透過有線網路直接裝,讓步驟簡單一些... 另外有提到這次會支援的只有 RPi4 與 CM4 機種,先前的版本還是得透過其他機器生出可開機的 SD card:

The Raspberry Pi Foundation simply changed the bootloader code to enable the Network install feature, and yes, it will only work with Raspberry Pi 4, CM4, and Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard PC, but not Raspberry Pi 3 and earlier models.

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