Amazon EFS 提供 Replication 功能

Jeff Barr 在官方 blog 上宣佈 Amazon EFS 提供 replication 功能:「New – Replication for Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)」。


在建起來以後會是 read-only filesystem:

另外有提供 fail-over 機制,當 fail-over 過去後會從 read-only 變成 read-write。

不過要注意,架構上屬於 eventually consistent,預期是一分鐘內會更新。這點算是可以預期的,不然 latency 會太高:

All replication traffic stays on the AWS global backbone, and most changes are replicated within a minute, with an overall Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 15 minutes for most file systems.

然後 replication 不會計算到 I/O 的 credit 與 throughput,算是比較特別的一點:

Replication does not consume any burst credits and it does not count against the provisioned throughput of the file system.

replication 這個服務本身不另外收費,只收取 EFS 使用的空間以及 replication 產生的頻寬費用:

You pay the usual storage fees for the original and replica file systems and any applicable cross-region or intra-region data transfer charges.

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