LLVM 的更換授權進展

Hacker News Daily 上看到「LLVM relicensing update & call for help」這篇,在講 LLVM 計畫從 UIUC licenseMIT license 授權轉成 Apache License 2.0 的進展,在 Hacker News 上的討論「LLVM relicensing update and call for help (llvm.org)」也可以翻一下。


文章開頭還是先花了一些篇幅解釋,這個計畫主要是要處理專利的問題,原先的 developer policy 對於專利的句子太粗糙,會授權過多的權力給 LLVM。這對於一般個人可能影響不大,但對於手上有一卡車專利的公司來說就不太願意了。

另外一個問題是 LLVM 遇到的問題,因為 runtime library 的部份是用 UIUC license + MIT license 授權,但主體是用 UIUC license 授權,這使得主體的程式碼不能隨意搬到 runtime library 裡面:

The run time libraries were dual licensed under the UIUC and MIT license; the rest of the code only under the UIUC license. Therefore, we could not easily move code to run time libraries from other parts. The reason run time libraries were dual licensed was to enable linking to run time library binaries without requiring attribution to LLVM.

因為這些目標,所以新的授權會是 Apache License 2.0 為主,裡面有設計還算合理的專利授權條件,另外大家也算熟悉,再來是針對 object code 以及 GPLv2 設計了例外條款:

As an exception, if, as a result of your compiling your source code, portions of this Software are embedded into an Object form of such source code, you may redistribute such embedded portions in such Object form without complying with the conditions of Sections 4(a), 4(b) and 4(d) of the License.

In addition, if you combine or link compiled forms of this Software with software that is licensed under the GPLv2 ("Combined Software") and if a court of competent jurisdiction determines that the patent provision (Section 3), the indemnity provision (Section 9) or other Section of the License conflicts with the conditions of the GPLv2, you may retroactively and prospectively choose to deem waived or otherwise exclude such Section(s) of the License, but only in their entirety and only with respect to the Combined Software.

在「Long tail of individuals and corporations without a relicensing agreement yet」這邊有目前還沒有同意重新授權的人以及團隊的資料,看起來不會是每個人都願意重新授權,到時候可能還得再挑出來重寫,但有些可以獨立出來的可能可以維持,畢竟 UIUC licesne 與 MIT license 都是 permissive license,只要放到另外一個目錄下,大家知道不是 Apache License 2.0 就還好...

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