Hacker News 拿到 hackernews.com 了

Hacker News 上看到「Hackernews.com (hackernews.com)」這則消息,有人注意到 hackernews.com 被指到 news.ycombinator.com...


LeoPanthera 1 day ago

With a different registrar to ycombinator.com, this is likely not owned by Y Combinator, and therefore difficult to trust that it won't start being malicious in the future.

不過後來 dang (Hacker News 的管理員) 有出來證實這個網域名稱目前是在他們旗下了:

dang 1 day ago

It's owned by YC now. We got it earlier this year. That's why it redirects to HN!

以 Hacker News 的性質來說不是太重要,算是有機會拿掉就順便拿下來...

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