OpenRsync 專案

看到「(open)rsync gains include/exclude support」這篇才注意到有 OpenRsync 專案...

在 OpenRsync 的網站上是指到 OpenBSD 的 cvsweb 上:「src/usr.bin/rsync/」,不過在 GitHub 上也有一個 repository:「kristapsdz/openrsync」,裡面有提到目前應該是以 OpenBSD 內的 source code 為主:

This system has been merged into OpenBSD base. If you'd like to contribute to openrsync, please mail your patches to This repository is simply the OpenBSD version plus some glue for portability.

然後有也提到 OpenRsync 主要就是 license 的關係 (rsync 目前是 GPLv3):

This is an implementation of rsync with a BSD (ISC) license. It's compatible with a modern rsync (3.1.3 is used for testing, but any supporting protocol 27 will do), but accepts only a subset of rsync's command-line arguments.

不過在一開始的報導裡面,有人反應軟體與 rsync 的相容性不太好,會搞爆 rsync:

By grey (grey) on 2021-08-31 05:17


Albeit, the last time I was testing openrsync, I discovered I could use openrsync to reproducibly crash rsync on FreeBSD13-CURRENT on a Raspberry Pi 3 and decided rather than try to debug rsync, I would wait for openrsync to mature a bit, I'm grateful to see that it continues to progress!


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