IPv4 的價錢

Hacker News 首頁上看到「IPv4 pricing (hetzner.com)」這篇,裡面的連結「IPv4 pricing」是 Hetzner 這個 hosting 通知 IPv4 將在八月漲價的資料...

可以看到「/24 IP subnet (254 usable IPs)」這組的價錢從「€ 215.13 / € 0 setup」漲到「€ 435.20 / € 4864.00 setup」,看起來是趁機漲了不少 setup fee 來綁使用者。

Hacker News 的討論裡面有提到 e-mail 的應用上還是得用 IPv4,至少 Microsoft 還是不愛 IPv6:

I remember while trying to figure out why Microsoft was blocking emails that IPv6 SMTP source addresses had a much higher risk of being blocked despite having done all the required stuff like PTR, SPF, DKIM. Microsoft's form to submit delisting an IP address does not even accept an IPv6 address: https://sender.office.com/

Stuff like this really hinders adoption.

hmmm,e-mail 的確是痛點 (尤其是 reputation 問題),但其他大多數的應用好像還好?

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